What’s In my Year 11 School Bag 2018!!

What’s In my Year 11 School Bag 2018!!

School is right around the corner. So in the light of this upcoming event, I show you what is in my bag for Year 11 or 10th Grade(depending where you live). I hope this video is useful to some of you guys and you stick around to watch more videos like this one.

Hi my name is Maia and welcome to my channel. During the school year I post every Friday about varying Topics which truly matter to me, these vary from room makeovers,Book reviews and vlogs to academic help and motivation!

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How old are you?-15
When did you start your channel?-15th Aug 2016
What year are you in?-Year 11(UK) 10th Grade (US)
Which Hogwarts House are you in?-Gryffindor

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