Studying for an AP test \\ studyblr

Studying for an AP test \ studyblr

Hi guys!

I hope you enjoyed my video. I have been putting in a lot of time studying for AP Psych and I think that is the most vital part of studying. You could watch all the videos in the world but you HAVE to put in the time and effort required to study. Now what are you waiting for?! Get of Tumblr and Youtube and STUDY!! But not before you give this video a like and tell me your favorite study tip!

free mind map software: *
Many features of this software are only available to premium subscribers, but you can make a basic mind map and view it (or import it to google docs in outline format). However, it serves my purpose!

Life Is by Cosimo Fogg (201)
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this is NOT a paid promotion. All views are my own and represent my beliefs.

Wishing you joy and productivity!

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