Study With Me | university programming and linear algebra | studyandorganize

Study With Me | university programming and linear algebra | studyandorganize

Open description for FAQ — everything used/mentioned in this video, and more!?

Happy Monday!

First study with me of 2019! ? Here’s a little study session from last week. Two of the classes I’m taking this year are Linear Algebra and Object-oriented programming in Java, which is what I’m working on in this video.

I hope this video gave some motivation to study! Feel free to comment any video suggestions down below ☺️
I hope everyone had a great first week back to school, college, university, or work (or just had a great first week of the year)!

Have a wonderful week! ?

Enjoy – studyandorganize

* notebook: ark notatbok ulinjert (Norway only)
* mechanical pencil: Papermate 0,7 mm
* editor software: atom

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—FAQ (will not be answered in comments)—

What’s your name/How old are you/Where are you from?
– My name is studyandorganize. I’m 20, and I’m from Norway.

What are you studying/what grade are you in?
– I’m in my 2nd year of university, and I study computer science engineering.

Why did you transfer university?
– I transferred university because this program is more geared towards the field(s) I’m interested in, and I wanted to do an integrated master, rather than I bachelor and then I master.

Where do you buy *stationery item*?
– Most of my stationery is bought at local book stores. Google the brands to find out if they sell the item(s) where you live!

Can you send me your notes/do you sell them?
– I only post my notes on Instagram. I do not share/sell them!



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Camera: Canon EOS 750d
Lens: EF-S 35mm/EF-S 18-55mm
Editing: Premiere Pro
Thumbnail: Photoshop

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