Study With Me Session #1 – All Nighter Maths and Physics Edition! | Mathsical Studies

Study With Me Session #1 – All Nighter Maths and Physics Edition! | Mathsical Studies

Hellooooo everyone! Ahhhh my first video on this channel – I’m so excited to be posting study and stationery videos for you guys! c:

Okay so originally this was supposed to just be a late night study with me session, but I kinda lost track of time and at around about 4 I was just like… okay I might as well just pull off all nighter (literally first time ever that I’ve done this) :’) So after I stopped doing physics notes at 7am I transferred all the footage to my laptop and started edited until around 8:30am, where I decided I’d have an hour/two hour nap. I just currently woke up and I’m so surprised I don’t feel as tired as I would have expected! 😮 But that does not mean I’m going to do it again… well at least not that I plan to :’) I’m a huge night owl and terrible morning person so my bedtime is usually quite late anyway… not very healthy though so I do not recommend it! xD I’ve been trying to work on becoming more of an early sleeper and early morning person so I’ll tell you how things go and how I progress :’D

Now to point out the flaws of this video – for some reason the video quality is a lot worse than I wanted so I’ll try and fix this in future videos! Also sorry for the awkward gaps in between times – my camera didn’t want to record for long periods of time so decided to switch off without telling me 🙁 Also sorry for the very quick captions, I thought the text had a longer duration, my bad :/ Also omg the staticky panning of the window skdfjhksj wai rendering waiiiiii

Also if you saw the sneaky lindor chocolate incentive kudos to you :DDDD

I think one of the reasons the physics notes took me so long was because I was using cheapo rubbish gel pens that kept skipping and so I had to keep going over letters and things which was just wasting time – I realise I could’ve just used a biro and taken 100000 hours less to complete the notes, but once I started using the gel pen there was no going back (I like to keep notes consistent heheh) so I foolishly continued with a gel pen `(=_=)/` I think I may have to get my hands on some new gel pens – really tempted to buy those pilot juice pens a lot of people have raved about, as well as the pretty muji gel pens *-* I’ve also heard mixed reviews about Pilot G2 gel pens – if you’re reading this let me know if you have any gel pen faves that I could perhaps try! 😀

I’m gonna stop rambling now – I really hope you enjoyed my first video! Feel free to subscribe if you’d like to see more, bye for now! _(- . -)/




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