Study Tips: The Three Pillars of Law School Success – 7Sage Law School Prep

Study Tips: The Three Pillars of Law School Success – 7Sage Law School Prep

The 7Sage Law School Prep YouTube Channel offers the best FREE law school advice on the planet.


And our site, 7Sage Law School Prep offers even more. Go here:

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You dream of being a lawyer – a corporate lawyer, a human rights lawyer. Master of the Universe (or Savior of the Universe).

But between you and your dream job is a formidable obstacle, like Chuck Norris wielding a refrigerator like a baseball bat standing between you and your beloved: :


7Sage Law School Prep teaches you all of the skills you need to know to KICK LAW SCHOOL IN THE ASS (just don’t tell Chuck Norris that we are even suggesting we could kick his ass).

We want you to DOMINATE LAW SCHOOL so you can get your dream job as a lawyer..

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–7Sage Law School Prep SHITS FIRE and EATS GRIZZLY BEARS for breakfast (and sometimes as a mid-afternoon snack).

–7Sage Law School Prep was co-founded by three Harvard grads. JY PING and ALAN CHEUK graduated from Harvard Law and run a successful online LSAT prep site, 7Sage lsat prep. LARRY LEE, a practicing lawyer, Harvard undergrad, and NYU law school grad runs a successful law school tutoring business.


–7Sage Law School Prep has developed methods that work; our law students have gotten top grades at top law schools, like Harvard, NYU, Columbia, Cornell, Texas, Washington University (Wash U), George Mason (GMU), Fordham, Cardozo, Hofstra, Touro, Brooklyn, and others.

–7Sage Law School Prep should not be used instead of SHAMPOO, nor should you used it to clean UPHOLSTERY, FLATWARE, or INDOOR PETS.

–Larry once wet himself just seeing CHUCK NORRIS written in all caps on a piece of paper (correction: twice).

–7Sage Law School Prep can be found at, Monday through Friday, — and also Saturday and Sunday — 24 hours a day.

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