STUDY TIPS: 3 BEST HABITS for High School or College 🤩

STUDY TIPS: 3 BEST HABITS for High School or College 🤩

3 Best Study Habits that were backed up by scientific research and work for most people🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️. First, you will learn an acronym: SRP that will help you remember the three tips. Then, you will get a quick visual mnemonic (memory device) to help you recall the SRP acronym. It’s a Swan that is Racing a Penguin. As you go through the video, you will be learning what SRP stands for.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

➡️First, we will talk about the importance of Sleep for improving your learning. I will show you how I track my clients’ sleep and what happens when that number dips below 6 hours. In this video, we will skip the part about how sleep is essential for your health and your hormones. Instead, we will focus on the negative effects that lack of sleep creates. Lack of sleep hinders your ability to learn in two ways. You will find out how — from watching the video. You are much more likely to fail during your finals week if you undersleep in university during your semester.

➡️➡️Then, for our second tip, you’ll see how to tweak your learning practice and dedicate more time for Review. You’ll see exactly what I ask my students to do on the same day as our tutoring session right before falling asleep.

➡️➡️➡️I’ll then show you how to Plan your learning to increase your study motivation . My best scoring students have become great friends with their calendar and estimate how long each studying session will take. They also automate their review by using their email (Boomerang) feature.

Next up, we will do a little quiz where I will ask you to answer some tricky questions about the video lesson. Make sure you answer them! This will help you retain the knowledge better.


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