scheduling for high school finals (2019, first semester)

scheduling for high school finals (2019, first semester)

im ready to suffer + i edited this after i finished studying for stats and gov hahahaaaaaaaaa 🙂 i hope this offered some inspiration for you! also, if you’re interested in the study on color, i found the new york times article here:

// materials used //
♡ essentials a5 grid journal
♡ pentel energel 0.7
♡ sakura sensei drawing pens
♡ uni propus soft color highlighter
♡ tombow mono eraser
♡ muji mechanical pencil
♡ some random ruler that i lost in ap chem 🙁

♡ icons by flaticon

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programs used ⇒ adobe premiere pro cs6, adobe after effects cs6, adobe photoshop cs6

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// music //
on the train somewhere between my apartment and you – city girl
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♡ spotify:

// permission obtained from artist for usage

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