Resolutions/Study Goals 2019 | planning, procrastination, new habits | studyandorganize

Resolutions/Study Goals 2019 | planning, procrastination, new habits | studyandorganize

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Happy Monday!

New year, new me! (I guess). Do you want to get better at planning ahead? Stop procrastinating? Read more? Or do you need more motivation this year? Here are my productive new year’s resolutions or study goals for 2019! ☺️ I’m hoping these new habits will help me stay on track and be more motivated for school. Hopefully, you’ll find these goals helpful as well!

Have a wonderful week! 🌵

Enjoy – studyandorganize

* leuchtturm1917 bullet journal
* peter pauper press dusky meadow journal
* moleskine 2019 weekly planner
* whitelines a4 grid notebook
* to kill a mockingbird
* all the light we cannot see

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—FAQ (will not be answered in comments)—

What’s your name/How old are you/Where are you from?
– My name is studyandorganize. I’m 20, and I’m from Norway.

What are you studying/what grade are you in?
– I’m in my 2nd year of university, and I study computer science engineering.

Why did you transfer university?
– I transferred university because this program is more geared towards the field(s) I’m interested in, and I wanted to do an integrated master, rather than I bachelor and then I master.

Where do you buy *stationery item*?
– Most of my stationery is bought at local book stores. Google the brands to find out if they sell the item(s) where you live!

Can you send me your notes/do you sell them?
– I only post my notes on Instagram. I do not share/sell them!



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