Nervous System Notes | Coordination and Coordination Notes 1/5

Cheem Words You got to Learn

  •  Brain
    •  Forebrain
    •  Cerebrum, thalamus, hypothalamus
  •  Hindbrain
  •  Cerebellum, medulla oblongata
  •  Spinal cord
  • Neurons
    • Dendrite, dendron, axon, myelin sheath, node of ranvier, cell body, motor end plate, dendrite at sensory organ


Characteristics of Nervous System

(PNS) Has to receive info, whether within body itself

(CNS) Has to understand and process info and decide what to do with it

(PNS) Has to send out messages to allow body to deal with the input

What does the Human Nervous System consist of? CNS vs PNS

  • (CNS) Central Nervous System
    • Consist of brain and spinal cord
  • (PNS) Peripheral Nervous System
    • Consist of
      • nerves that connect sense organs to the central nervous system
  • Cranial nerves Spinal nerves
  • –> Found in head Found in rest of body


Biology insights O Level:
Relationship between central nervous system and peripheral nervous system

Brain function

Directs all conscious movements of muscles

And unconscious involuntary actions

Helps to coordinate actions of the hormonal system

Spinal cord function

Send nerve impulse between brain and muscles or effector

Coordinate reflex action that don’t involve brain

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