My Step 1 Study Schedule (Scored a 250+)

My Step 1 Study Schedule (Scored a 250+)

Attention: I mean “Pulmonary” when I say “Biochem” at 2:21. Sorry!

Schedule: NBME. Then Cardio 3 days, Pulm 3 days, GI 3 days, Renal 2 days then NBME. Stats 2 days, Biochem 3 days, Microbiology 3 days Then NBME. MSK 3 days then NBME, 3 days Hem/Onc then NBME, and 3 days neuro then NBME. Endo/repro 3 days. Then 2 UWORLD Tests, one each day. One day rest. THEN EXAM!

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