make your own planner || part 1: monthly divider tabs

make your own planner || part 1: monthly divider tabs

FIRST OF ALL, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 1K+ SUBSCRIBERS & 500+ FOLLOWERS ON TUMBLR. I honestly said to my friend months ago that if I ever got to 1k, that would be so amazing and pretty much my goal on YT would be completed, and would you look at that! I’ve been on hiatus for months now, but I’m so glad people still found my channel and thought of it as worthy enough to subscribe, thank you ❤

Now for the actual video!

THIS IS NOT A PERFECT STEP-BY-STEP TUTORIAL! This was also my first try at making a full planner by myself, so naturally I made some stupid mistakes/miscalculations, so learn from mine, and make your own planner better! Also don’t think you need fancy schmancy programs for this: you can download/use stuff off of Pinterest, Tumblr, … or just do it handy crafty by yourself

Some tips/tricks/things I’ve learned:
▻ don’t do all months at once: there was a time span of about 2-3 weeks between me making the tabs & me printing them, and there were already some things I didn’t like. it’s better to just take it one step at a time.
▻ measure out your tabs/put them on the top of the page instead of on the side or just leave them out haha

►► featured products:
▻ planner (in pale pink):
I cannot really recommend this planner. The color I got, pale pink, looks more like a gray. There’s a dent in the planner in the front, which I don’t think I’ll be able to get out. It did come with free papers, so that’s nice.
▻ stickers:
▻ hole puncher:
▻ A5 paper: omni print plus

♪ ♪ music: sweet by
►► fonts used: Nightingale
►► programs used: Adobe Photoshop CS3

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Hope you have a lovely day & thanks for watching!
– perfectionistudent ♡

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