how to be creative | note to self

how to be creative | note to self

i am still not entirely sure how i feel about this video. i spent about 3 weeks on and off editing it and trying to think about what i wanted to say, and what i think i needed to hear, and this is the result of all of that. i don’t know.
but, i do not want my creativity to be hindered by numbers or self deprecation or anything else. i want to make things that i can be happy with and just continue to make even though i have little ruts or bouts of feeling uninspired. i’d like to be able to get back and pursue a lot of hobbies without feeling pressured to have a certain look or do something a certain way. this is all a mental game, but i need to stop blocking myself and just let myself create.

i hope you find this video a bit enjoyable !!!

– jannat

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