how i use my bullet journal! (updated version)

how i use my bullet journal! (updated version)

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hey hi hello, folks! so some of you guys noticed how i changed my bullet journaling style a lot from when i last uploaded my “how i bullet journal” video~ this is an updated video with how i organize and decorate and use my bullet journal! i’ll also be making a video on what bullet journal materials i frequently use + an updated video on how i do calligraphy, so stay tuned!

but yeah, in retrospect, i’ve rly changed a lot since my first bullet journal. my style has gotten a lot looser and deconstructed compared to what it was + i’m pretty happy with where i’m at now. sure, some spreads are still a Big Yikes ;; but i’m glad i kept them the way they were! now, i can look back and know that i’ve grown and changed and adapted.

also note to self: PLEASE please PLEASE open up your window blinds more when you film ??? like girl ??? your video lighting is DULL please FIX thank u @ future me

// list of materials used in video //
♡ a5 essentials grid journal
♡ muji 0.5 gel pens
♡ uni signo 0.38 gel pen
♡ pentel fude touch brush pens (black) (grey)
♡ grid ruler (no idea where it’s from but it’s from south korea)
♡ tombow dual brush pens (video of all my swatches + links)
♡ stickers (video w/ all the stickers i regularly use + links)
♡ washi tape from aliexpress

* all amazon links are affiliate links! you’re not required to use them, but using them does help me out a lil bit! thank u :”)

♡ icons by flaticon

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faq ⇒

programs used ⇒ adobe premiere pro cs6, adobe after effects cs6

studyblr ⇒
studygram ⇒

seo&co discord server ⇒

want to translate my videos? here’s the link! ⇒

// music //
you’re always wonderful – city girl
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