how i study over the summer + advice 🗒studying korean | justine haley

how i study over the summer + advice 🗒studying korean | justine haley

ㅡ no i promise i’m not sick i just recorded this voice over in the morning

🌞 [open for links + commentary + songs + equipment] 🌞

ㅡ please remind me to always always record voice overs in the afternoon/evening lol i sound like i have strep throat here. anyway, hi here’s this weeks video.

i’m a little worried some might take the footage in this video too literally so let me emphasize: this is Not a study with me lol. this is a video about how i study so the date on my notes and the date on my laptop calendar/phone do not match up at all because i picked a pretty page in my notes to use for the footage.

and yea i am reenacting a study session i did in july, what about it?

i hope to make the separate video about how i’m learning korean towards the end of this year, i’m going into an intermediate level this semester so i wanna see how good or how bad i’m gonna do in that class before i make a whole video about learning korean. also i should probably test out some more learning resources so i can give my input on them in that video, i want it to be rlly helpful.

that’s all! thanks for reading and watching i hope you have a lovely week also if you haven’t heard NCT johnny finally got a long, starting center part during an NCT U special stage and i CRIED TBH god bless goodbye.

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