Hema Stationary Haul

Hema Stationary Haul

Finally filmed our Hema stationary haul! I’m so excited to show you what we bought from Hema. It was our first time and we love it! A great shopping experience and even better stationary. I’ll be visiting Hema for more! here are there items we bought:

Label Maker :
Pen :
6 Pack Binders :
Ring Binder :
Slim Writing ad :
Heart Notebook :
A4 Writing Pad :
10MM Notebooks :
Document Folder :
File Dividers :
Black A4 Notebooks :
Kraft A4 Notebooks :
Pink and Yellow Document File :
100 Pockets :
Working on It Notebook :
Pack of 4 Kraft Notebooks :
Pink Sketchbook : Sold





Why did we choose to Homeschool?

K’s school closed down in February (2017) because there weren’t enough students to keep it open. So whilst we waited to find out if she got a place in another school, we home schooled so she wouldn’t miss out on learning. Unfortunately, the school we chose was full to the brim and so there was no space for K. We decided to Home School permanently or until there’s any space for K. So here we are, starting our home school journey!

Here’s a little info you might find useful:

I am mum to K.
K is 7 years old and currently in Year 3.
We are studying KS2 and are from the UK.



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