Anxiety // First Two Weeks of December

Anxiety // First Two Weeks of December

the Ted Ed I was watching:

hello 🙂

hope you are doing well!

this video shows my whereabouts between the 1st and 14th of december! this is a late upload because (1) I had *so* much footage from these 2 weeks to go through & (2) i’m in a fairly tight schedule with revision for exams. but other than this, I won’t bore you with the details, I hope you enjoy.

these weeks I was stressed with the evaluations for school, but more than that. Overall, a sad feeling just started creeping in and was especially noticeable in times when I didn’t sleep well. looking back to these clips I kept thinking to myself how tired and done I looked. I had a clip of me eating chocolate in silence and looking completely fazed out …..

hence the title of the video.

it was tough but nothing i couldn’t handle. and right the weekend after the 14th, I started feeling MUCH better! everything is temporary.

tomorrow is the last day of the year! and what a year.
because I won’t post at least here tomorrow, I wish everyone a good new year’s eve and I hope you spend your time with who you love and care about. i have plans with family and friends.
well done everyone for the work this year! we should be proud of ourselves.

take care,
until the next one
🐻 ❤️


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